This unique 10 week programme includes exciting, challenging and different ways of exercising.

Fizzy and his friends will help you to understand how the body maintains and builds fitness. It will help you to recognise food as a fuel and how we use this energy when exercising. The programme is also designed to help you appreciate wellness and caring for your body and mind.

During the 10 weeks Fizzy and friends will ask you to take part in all activities but also encourage you to get family and friends involved! Being active is great fun - so let’s all get moving!

Fizzy's Friends

Fizzy wants to get fit and lead a healthy life, his friends help him and he wants to help you!

Speed is used for quick reactions and completing activities with change of pace.

Sophie Strong
Using your muscles to lift, push and jump.

Master Wellness
Taking care of your body and mind, helps with all round happiness.

Flexibility is important for bending, stretching and reaching.

Confident Connie
Belief in yourself, knowing your own mind and focusing on your strengths.